Socks are great accessories which protect the skin and overall health of the feet, and also make wearers look smart. There are different types of socks to be found in the market, and these are intended for specific purposes. Although all of these basically keep the feet protected, the usage of each of these tends to vary. If you have just opened up an apparel and accessories store, the following 3 types of men’s socks wholesale are what you need to purchase.

Compression socks
These are worn in order to reduce pains and aches caused due to athletic activities. These can help promote better circulation in the legs, which is usually hampered due to long hours of cycling, soccer and track events. For athletes, lower levels of compression are perfect. Many of the support socks are constructed out of soft cotton and can wick moisture to ensure better comfort for wearers. These look just like standard socks and are available in knee-high and crew lengths. However, these are designed in a special way which can cure and prevent circulation problems in the legs and the feet. For men who regularly suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT), shin splints and tired legs, these offer a great deal of support.

Lacrosse socks
Lacrosse is a primitive sport which resembles ball and racquet games, as well as field hockey, in many respects. Lacrosse socks can be found in two kinds of lengths, crew length and tube length. Although crew length socks are subject to frequent experimentation’s, tube length socks tend to be commoner. At one time these came with shin guards, as is used in football. At present, the shin guard has been done away with and these men’s socks wholesale have been made crew length in form.

Diabetic socks
These have been designed to preserve the health of feet in people suffering from diabetes. In diabetics, feet problems usually arise from impaired circulation in the lower legs and the feet. Standard types of socks happen to stick to the feet and the lower calf area of legs, which causes discomfort and also really limits the flow of blood. While walking, these do not offer any cushioning. Diabetic socks are made of a fiber that is moisture-wicking in ability. Such kinds of socks area available in a wide variety of colors, and come with added cushion that allow the feet to get better padding.

Written by Seamless Apparel