Shorts have the same connection to clothing what short stories have to literature. Both end at a length where their purposes are meeting. Yet, men’s shorts are some of the hardest pieces of clothing to be pulled off. However, its summer time and you cannot obviously think about wearing your long denim jeans. So you must be too tempted to purchase different colors and styles of shorts to allow your legs to breathe while you are high on summer fun. But working a pair of shorts is just as difficult as getting your hands on the right pieces. So before you swipe out your credit card and bring home some, make sure that you have enough idea of what you should actually need to know.

Men's Summer Shorts

Work them like your short pants

Finding your shorts in proper size is certainly important but it is also important to consider the right hem length which should touch above your knee and fit you well around the waist. However, also make sure that your pair of slim-fit shorts leave enough room for your legs to breathe. You would not definitely want your quadriceps to  protrude from the hem. You are not Hulk (sarcasm)!

Dress them right

Shorts may quickly fall into the good-for-nothing category, if you do not dress them properly. Once you have got the fit right, shift your focus on other important things. A pair of bright colored shorts, for instance in tangerine, will goMen's Summer Shorts    absolutely perfect well with a plain or black and white striped t-shirt when you are making  your way to a pool party or a picnic in the countryside. Now most importantly, if you get  them in right fabrics like pure cotton or fine denim, you are sure to stay cool and quite  chilled out without looking too bulky.

Be careful about cargos

Cargo shorts have made cool comeback this summer. But there is a difference between what you would wear in your teenage and what you should put on right at this age. Opt for the ones that come with trimmed hems and non-invasive pockets and do not try too hard to look cool.

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Mind the length

No matter what colors and designs you have chosen, if its length is improper, then the entire outfit would fall out of place. Well, you can take it as a serious warning that your shorts must go below your knees. Instead, find those that are a bit higher than your kneecap and allows a little exposure of your lower thighs. For instance, the ones in bright green can be well paired up with white t-shirts. Plus, if you have been hitting the gym for long, it’s time to show your toned legs to the people at the beach or a pool party that you have currently made plans for.

Written by Seamless Apparel