T shirts are very popular among both men and women, and are worn in almost every country buy all types of people – irrespective of race, color, culture and social status. If you have opened up an online clothing store, it is a good idea to buy high quality t-shirts to satisfy the needs of consumers. It is a good idea to order from t shirts wholesale suppliers, given that you can get tees at lower costs from them for your apparel store stock. Read on to know 5 important questions to ask to the supplier you zero in on.

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What is the minimum quantity order criterion?
Most wholesalers have a minimum order criterion that consumers need to fulfill in order to avail discounts. Ask how much discount you will be able to get when you satisfy the minimum quantity, which is the most important thing as it will reduce your purchase expense significantly.

Do you have a return policy?
It is important to ask this personally, consider the fact that some low quality newbie suppliers are only interested in making good profits at the expense of consumers. They do not have any return policy and if you get defective products, there are no ways you can get them replaced. Many reputed t shirts wholesale suppliers have a sound return policy for the benefit of customers.

Do you have more than one warehouse?
A wholesaler with multiple warehouses, with at least one close to your location, can be very useful if you need timely deliveries. This is especially the case when you are trying to get a wholesaler who also takes customization orders. There will be quite a few buyers who will like to order customized tees from your store, and you will like to get fast customized t shirt deliveries from wholesalers.

Do you have special offers?
Many wholesalers also have special offers, and there are special promo codes and discount offers from reputed ones that you can avail. You can ask about these directly, and get to know about the sources that you may get it from. It is a good idea to type the wholesaler supplier name along with the keyword “promo code” on search engines.

What are the shipping charges?
Shipping charges are applicable when you are ordering from an overseas wholesaler supplier. Some of the wholesalers have greater shipping charge amounts, and it always makes sense to go for one which has lower shipping expense for both international and local destinations.

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