Underwear or shorts for men are available in various forms, and each looks better than the other. However, each type of short has a different kind of comfort and provides men with a type of convenience which is unmistakable. These maintain the privacy of men and allow them greater comfort from chafing from stitches of trousers and jeans. They do not have to suffer any embarrassment before wives or girlfriends and before other men at the spa. If you are planning to order wholesale men’s shorts for your clothing store stock, read and know about the 5 most popular types of shorts available for men.

Popular Types of Shorts for Men

Low rise briefs:
These are probably the most common and popular type of underwear used by males. These are little cropped variants of the full rise briefs with a Y front that cover a bigger section. Such kinds of briefs are liked across the world, and are worn most commonly. Men of any type of body can wear these without suffering any embarrassments. Even those who are very skinny or very fat can wear them.

Full rise briefs:
These cover a bigger section, as compared to low rise briefs, and are considered to be classic pieces of underwear for men. These extend to the butt from the waist region, and can cover the sides due to the Y shape. Although larger than low rise briefs, these are smaller as compared to boxer briefs which also hide a part of the thighs.

Boxer shorts:
After 1950s, these became a part of mainstream culture. These look just like shorts apart from the fact that these are usually constructed out of cotton and consist of an elastic waist band. These wholesale men’s shorts offer a great deal of comfort to men, and can be availed in different patterns and colors.

Boxer briefs:
These are similar to boxer shorts other than the fact that these offer a tight fit similar to standard briefs. This kind of underwear begins from waist area and covers over half of the thigh area. Boxer briefs, along with jocks, are quite popular among men who like to exercise and participate in athletic activities.

These can be regarded as a cross between boxer briefs and normal briefs. Other than having shorter legs, these are shaped just like boxer briefs. However, these should not be mistaken with swim trunks. These offer enough support and comfort to wearers, and are perfect options for active men.

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