Socks are an important part of the daily attire. These keep the feet protected, absorb sweat from feet and lower leg area, support the ankle and heels and prevent friction between the skin and the inner lining of footwear. If you have set up a clothing and accessories store it is a good idea to purchase bamboo socks for your consumers from wholesale sock manufacturers companies, considering the following benefits that they offer:

These are non-allergenic:
Socks composed of bamboo fibers do not cause any allergy sensations. As opposed to artificial fabrics, such kinds of socks do not cause skin irritation. In case of people with sensitive skin problems, skin allergies or dermatitis, bamboo socks ensure such problems do not flare up. For those suffering from such skin problems, such kinds of socks are perfect choices.

Why You Should Buy Bamboo Socks

These keep the feet dry:
There are many small cavities in bamboo fibers, which ensure better moisture wicking capabilities. The feet can stay cool and dry. All through the year, the feet can be dry and warm in winter as well as cool in the summer months.

These can make the feet stay soft:
Socks with bamboo fibers from wholesale sock manufacturers companies are super smooth and have a soft feel against the skin, due to the fact that the fibers consist of round surfaces. The feel offered by this type of fabric feels just like cashmere, which makes it perfect even for baby skins.

These maintain the health of feet:
Due to the anti fungal and antibacterial properties of Bamboo Kun, a material present in bamboo, the overall health of the feet can be maintained. Insects, germs and pests can be repelled and bad odors can be reduced. The feet can smell fresh just like in the beginning of the day. Wearers can prevent skin conditions like athlete’s foot, and maintain their feet health.

These are Eco-friendly:
Such kinds of socks are also advantageous for the environment. Given that bamboo fibers is fully biodegradable, there are no worries of environmental pollution with bamboo socks. This is a fully natural material which can be sustained without any manual effort. It can grow quicker as compared to any other plant, and can also grow again after it is harvested. This helps make the soil more stable and the plant can also grow in those areas where other plants are uncultivated. It can also grow with the help of just rainwater.

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