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Seamless sports bra are those bras that don’t have seams. They have seamless cups and the main purpose of this bra is to provide additional support to female breasts during physical exercise. Women involved in any form of physical activity- be it yoga, gym workout, playing sports like tennis, football, hockey and much more- they need an under garment for the upper part of their body so as to restrict its movement and provide complete support. Movement of breasts during play not only looks bad but also makes the player conscious which in turn adversely affects her performance. Thus the concept of wholesale seamless sports bra came and ever since its demand has been on the increasing side only.

Fabric used in the making of these bras


The fabric used in the making of these special bras is of very high quality- that’s something which goes without saying. These bras are extremely lightweight. The comfort providing fabric has to be cotton. It is stretchable in nature and breathable as well. The fabric used is known as lycra which is a stretchable form of cotton. Considering the high activity, you are bound to sweat. These wonderful bras absorb sweat keeping you relaxed while your concentration is on the activity. This ensures there’s no itching and skin irritation.

The design of seamless bra wholesale


These encapsulated bras have moulded cups with no seams. The cups have a thin layer of pad inside, not for the purpose of enhancing your breasts but to act as a cushion for absorbing shock and stress that are encountered while playing. Moreover, the lining prevents nipple bulge from showing. Another form of sports bras are the compression type bras which restrict movement by flattening the breasts. Although encapsulation type bras are more effective in reducing discomfort, some women still prefer compression designs that enhance their perception of modesty.

Teen sports bra

As girl enter the phase of adolescence which is mostly in their teens, they start developing breasts. Wearing the conventional bras all of a sudden makes them uncomfortable. In such cases, these seamless sports bras designed especially for the teen girls is a great support.

You can avail of these sports bra in plenty of colour, size and design options from manufacturers and wholesalers who will give you the best possible prices for these.

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