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Though relatively new in the world of fashion, seamless clothing has garnered popularity quite fast and far reaching – a rate that is practically unprecedented. Eliminating seams and therefore stitching from a piece of garment was not a concept that was thought to be a possibility by noted fashion designers previously. But this technology of rendering clothing more comfortable, lighter and practical is taking the world by storm at the moment.

Oasis Seamless was one of the first manufacturing giants to realize the benefits of this technology and therefore implemented it in its manufacturing process. Our products give you a precise fit and conform smoothly to your individual shape. Thus you have a better, leaner silhouette to sport. Our seamless knit-wears are not only soft to touch; they are fashioned from antimicrobial and hydrophilic yarns which make them the best active-wears available.

Our clients love our seamless garments as they are durable, affordable, comfortable, non-restricting and simply better looking. There is no possibility of the seams puckering up or the tags chaffing the skin. There are no bulky elastics that would show from under the outerwear.

Our research taught us that there are endless design possibilities still waiting to be explored. The technology itself allows one to experiment with the stitching patterns so that one single garment can be made in various different ways. This is impossible to do with other types of knitting processes. At Oasis Seamless, we are constantly developing new fibers and adapting our processes with the constant evolution of seamless technology. With our unwavering focus on innovation and quality, we are regularly presenting you with newer styles in different types of clothing.