A development in the apparel industry that does away with the processes of laying, cutting and sewing is seamless garment technology. In the recent years, seamless clothing has become popular as fashionable activewear option and consumers are purchasing them without a second thought because they are durable, comfortable and much less bulky compared to the traditional activewear options. If you like to lead an active life and stay fit, you simple have to purchase seamless activewear. If you are in the business of fitness clothes, then you can bank on a manufacturer and wholesaler for freshening up your store’s stock!

Tomato Activity seamless Tee

Seamless Active Wear: Soaring in popularity

There are numerous reasons why consumers are opting for this technology as compared to the conventional garment manufacturing technique. Here are few of the reasons for its popularity as fitness clothing.

• People have started adopting seamless clothing as part of their wardrobe because it reduces abrasion during workouts and does not snag in bike wheels or other exercise equipment.

• These outfits also provide the benefit of wicking off moisture without the extra seams and bulk.

• These garments offer a comfortable, smooth and sleek fit. Since there are no seams on the garment, there is no chance of puckering, mismatching of the pattern and no problems with fitting.

• It allows for complete freedom of movement as compared to seamed garments.

• Seamless activewear provides a soft feel to the wearer and does not cause any irritation to the skin due to the lack of bulky stitches at the underarm points, shoulders and the necklines.

• This garment technology makes for unlimited design possibilities that has allowed for the creation of stylish, trendy and fashionable gym apparels for the fitness, fashion freaks of today. It has made it possible to manufacture better-looking clothes that can not only be worn in the fitness clubs and centers but post-workout as well.

• Seamless fitness wear offers ventilation and breathability. Thus, the wearer feels dry, cool and comfy even after an hour-long workout session.

• This innovative technique creates entire garments without much intervention of cutting and sewing processes leading to substantial savings in time and cost and higher productivity. These garments are not prone to waistband failures and are much more durable due to the high proportion of manufactured fibers such as nylon.

If you are a retailer or a store owner and want to cater to your store customers with wholesale seamless activewear, place bulk order with a top manufacturer . While you can update your store’s stock easily, you also get to enjoy wholesale rates!

Written by Seamless Apparel