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No more is yoga all about loose white Zen-monk look alike type clothing! The new age youth and modern day working individuals regularly practicing yoga want an element of style and fashion embedded to the otherwise bland yoga wear! This is where the boot-cut lycra and cotton slim fit yoga pants come into play. Designer …

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Seamless Gear Activewear

Seamless sports bra are those bras that don’t have seams. They have seamless cups and the main purpose of this bra is to provide additional support to female breasts during physical exercise. Women involved in any form of physical activity- be it yoga, gym workout, playing sports like tennis, football, hockey and much more- they …

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Fashionable Hot Pink Sports Bra

Breasts are a complex organ of a woman’s body and they require special attention and maintenance. Good bras are an essential, especially for busty women and girls going through puberty. A bra is said to be good when it provides the bosoms with the right amount of support it needs which is otherwise has only …

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