Well, you can’t deny that sometimes you love to dress the way he wants, can you? He might not be too vocal about his likes and dislikes when it comes to your outfits as it can clash with your own idea of dressing. But, it is not very hard to find out which clothes your guy likes you to be draped in. Yes, men love women who are stylish and updated. So, if you want to go with the trends and woo your boyfriend, no need to buy the most expensive dress from the market! A little study and observation can really save you a lot of pennies.

Frilly Pink Shorts

Frilly Pink Shorts

Talking about clothes, you must be aware of what bottom wear will fix the gaze of your man only on you. Picking the wrong pants will not only ruin your appearance, but will also lower your confidence that is quite a turn off for a guy! Nowadays, short shorts for women have gained a lot of popularity among men and women alike. Here are the five things a guy absolutely love about his woman in short shorts.

1) It Shows Off Your Beautiful Legs And Yeah It’s Sexy!

A pair of seamless short shorts for women will smoothly cover up your thighs and leave the other parts stark open. If you are a leggy lass, you can surely make your man go mad with your appearance in a pair of short shorts that the manufacturers are crafting. You can easily experiment with colours and choose the one that suits you best. Men love women who wear smart shorts and carry them around with superb ease. It also boosts your confidence level making you more attractive to your boyfriend. Just a piece of advice – don’t forget to wear heels!

2) Accentuate Your Butts With Hot Pant Shorts And See The Magic!

Apart from showing your skinny legs, these hot pant shorts can also accentuate your butt and make you look piping hot. Whether it is your first date or the fifty first, nothing can really swap your hotness when you want your guy to stick around you. Therefore, invest more on the sleek and sturdy hot pants and team them up with various tops and blouses, especially tank tops, to bring different looks every time.

3) Tease Your Guy With A Little Skin Show!

When there is room for anticipation, a guy really feels more interested and the sexy denim shorts do the job quite deftly! Your smooth legs will leave him anticipating when you will pair it up with a full-sleeve blouse and see how he goes gaga to catch a little glimpse of you. It will be even better if you choose the seamless printed pants that will add to the flamboyance and smoothness.

So, are you ready for the next date? Go for shorts and turn the heads!

Written by Seamless Apparel