Guys, enough with the lovely flowers and the delicious chocolates and sparkling jewelry…it is all very good but let us now talk about the real thing. You have wooed your woman enough for the past couple of months with these gifts and now it is probably time to turn up the heat a notch higher. Now that you both are comfortable with each other and thinking about taking that next step towards physical intimacy that you two probably have thought and pondered over for months, the rules of gift-giving ought to change. Yes, we are talking about sexy lingerie!

Animal Printed Jazzy Women’s Seamless Panty

The role that lingerie play in adding spice into behind closed doors activities just cannot be stressed enough and if you wish to bring on your A-game and make your partner really happy, here are some tips that you should keep in mind when out shopping for seductive and appealing wholesale panties and bras for your woman.

Know her size: Before actually going and purchasing lingerie, it is important that you very smartly go through her underwear drawer to find out what her size is. It wouldn’t do you or her any good if you end up gifting her something that is either too big or too small!

Know What Excites You and Her: Setting the scene is important because the whole point of gifting lingerie to your woman means that you would want to see her wearing it in the bedroom. There is a wide variety to choose from. You might like lingerie that is see-through and makes your imagination run wild or you might really like something that is revealing enough to get your juices going.

The Cut is Important: When purchasing wholesale panties, do pay attention to the cut. Your woman might prefer briefs over thongs while many others prefer thongs. It could be the ones with laces, bows and other such intricate detailing.

Not Always Red: Reds and hot pinks are definitely popular choices for Valentine’s Day but when it is just about any other normal day when you feel like spicing it up a bit, look for colors like turquoise, blues, purples and so on. These colors are really enthralling and can be worn under normal clothes as well.

Don’t forget to keep it classy. And oh, always choose comfortable fabrics. You could check out the latest seamless designed lingerie that provides better style and comfort.

Find the Right Panties Collection for Your Woman

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Written by Seamless Apparel